Public Records Request


Public Records Policy:

The City of Thomasville complies with NCGS Chapter 132 as well as 160A-168 in making public records available that are in our custody. Persons making a request must provide sufficient information to describe those records requested. Records will be made available for inspection or pick up as promptly as reasonably possible. Payments for copies of records must be made in accordance with the schedule of fees adopted by City Council. Upon delivery of the requested record or records, the requestor will be asked to verify the delivery.
All public records requests will be reviewed by the City Attorney as to the request being of a record defined as a “public record”. Further review of the request will be performed by the City Manager and the City Employee who is the curator of the public record under request. If the record requested is “public” the record will be reviewed again by the City Manager, the City Attorney and the City Employee who is the curator of the document before it is released to the person requesting.

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