Online Miscellaneous Payment Portal


City Of Thomasville Credit/Debit Card Payment System

You may use the Paymentus system to pay with a credit/debit card for the following services and permits. Follow the directions for each payment type (below) once you enter the Paymentus system. There is a $2.95 fee per transaction (maximum $500 per transaction) 

NOTE: We only accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and E-Checks.

Accounts Receivable - Miscellaneous Deposits, Interest Payments, and Invoice Payments 

Thomasville City Cemetery Payments - Service Fees, Chapel Rental, Marker Deposit

Miscellaneous Permits - Fire, Itinerant Merchant, Yard Sale

Recreation Fees - Programs, Rentals, Pool Receipts, Non-Resident Fees, Advertising, Miscellaneous Revenue

Miscellaneous Utility Fees - Garbage Carts, Water Meter/Meter Parts, Service Charge, New Taps/Connections

Police - Parking Tickets, City Ordinance Violation, Accident/Incident Report, Permits (Taxi, Animal, Solicitor), Fingerprinting, Background Checks, CAD Reports

Utility Deposits - Utility Deposit

Write-off Payment - Utility fees for non-payment of previous customer accounts.