Meet the Officials


2021-2023 City Council 
Payton Williams, Lisa Shell, Doug Hunt, Mayor Raleigh York, Jr.,
 Ronald Bratton, D. Hunter Thrift, Jeannette Shephard and
Wendy Sellars

Mayor & Council
Thomasville City Council is composed of seven at-large officials and the Mayor, all of whom were elected. Scroll down for individual contact information.

City Manager
The City Manager, appointed by the City Council, is the key administrative officer of the City. He is assisted by a leadership team and staff. The City Manager carries out the policies approved by the City Council and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City. Michael M. Brandt, AICP, ICMA-CM, was appointed on December 21, 2020.

City Clerk
The City Clerk is an appointed official who edits, compiles, and publishes the minutes of City Council Meetings. Council meeting agenda packets with supporting documents are also assembled in the Clerk's office. Minutes and agendas can be found by clicking here.. The City Clerk also records and tracks all official actions taken by City Council, fills public record requests, and prepares  ordinances, resolutions, proclamations, liens and other official documents.

Council Meetings
Council Meetings are currently being held at Ball Park Community Center, located at 7003 Ball Park Road (next to historic Finch Field Ball Park) at 6:00 PM, on the 3rd Monday of the month unless otherwise posted. The City Council, Mayor, City Manager, City Clerk, and City Attorney all attend City Council Meetings. These meetings are played live on Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) Channel 13 in Davidson County. Past meetings can also be viewed online here.

Elected Officials

_DSC7036 Mayor
Raleigh York, Jr.
(336) 475-6076
Term: 2021-2025
_DSC7035 Council Member
D. Hunter Thrift
(336) 870-8735
Term: 2021-2025
_DSC7018 Council Member
Ron Bratton
(336) 475-3604
Term: 2021-25
_DSC7055 Council Member
Jeannette Shepherd
(336) 225-9976
Term: 2021-2025
_DSC7014 Council Member
Doug Hunt
(336) 240-4819
Term: 2021-2025
_DSC7060 Council Member
Wendy Sellars
(336) 880-7779
Term: 2021-2023
_DSC7026 Council Member
Lisa Shell
(336) 307-1666
Term: 2021 -2023
_DSC7023 Council Member
Payton Williams
(336) 687-0015
Term: 2021-2023



City Manager
Michael Brandt, AICP, ICMA - CM


Assistant City Manager
Eddie Bowling 


City Clerk 
Wendy Martin
(336) 475-4214


Administrative Assistant 
Rita Leta
(336) 475-5538


City Attorney
Misti Whitman
(336) 476-3158