Utility Billing Area Map

  • New Water & Sewer Tap Procedures

Bills are due 20 days after the Bill Date on your bill (Understanding Your Utility Bill) at any time after that date your service may be terminated without further notice.

The City is divided into two billing areas. In order to determine the billing area you are located in, enter your utility service address in the search bar (magnifying glass) on the map below. Once you have pulled up your address, refer to the orange or blue pay-by dates below to avoid utility cut-off.

Orange (South) Pay-By Dates

Blue (North)  Pay-By Dates

January 16                February 13

March 12                  April 16

May 14                      June 11

July 9                      August 13

September 17        October 15

November 12          December 17

January 2, 30           February 27

                                    April 2, 30

May 28                       June 25

July 30                       August 27

                                    October 1, 29

                                    December 3