Stormwater Program


Thomasville is among many cities across the nation that has plans and policies to reduce stormwater pollution under the federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Stormwater Requirements.

The city received its NPDES Stormwater permit on July 1, 2005. The permit requires the city to develop, implement and enforce a stormwater program designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the municipal separate storm sewer system to the maximum extent practicable.

The stormwater program is composed of the following six management measures:

  1. Public Education and Outreach
  2. Public Involvement and Participation
  3. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  4. Construction Site Runoff Controls
  5. Post-Construction Site Runoff Controls
  6. Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations

Each of these measures consists of required Best Management Practices (BMPs), measurable goals for each BMP and an implementation schedule for the 5-year permit cycle. Additionally, the City of Thomasville has a Comprehensive Stormwater Management Program (CSWMP) and completes annual reporting about the NPDES Phase II Program.

The Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan (CSWMP) can be found here:
Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan, updated 2021

The Phase II Stormwater Annual Report found here:
Thomasville Phase II Stormwater Annual Report.

Education and Outreach information is available through:
Piedmont Triad Regional Council (PTRC) Stormwater SMART

If you have Stormwater pollution concerns, please contact the City Helpline at City Hall:
phone# 336-475-4210