Sanitation Division

Our Purpose

Is to serve the citizens of Thomasville in helping maintain a clean environment by the collection and disposal of solid wastes in the most economic, efficient, and safest way possible, with the highest viable level of service.

Keeping the City clean of rubbish and trash is a community responsibility that we ask citizens to participate in by participating in the city recycling program, volunteering in community litter collection projects, keeping yards and vacant lots mowed and free of litter, and removing garbage carts within 24 hours after pick-up.

It is the City's policy to require every property (other than vacant property) to have sanitation services. Residential, office, and institutional properties are provided services by the City. Commercial and Industrial properties must contract with a private hauler. 

  • Recycling services Use this link to find information about pick-up days, recycling bins, and what you can and cannot recycle.
  • Yard debris services, including seasonal loose leaf collection services Use this link to find information about yard debris rules and seasonal loose leaf collection.