Homeowner Responsibilities

                                                                         Sewer Clean Out ResponsibilitySewer Responsibility
Misunderstanding City vs. Homeowner Responsibilities

The City of Thomasville Public Utilities Department receives calls from property owners letting us know that they have a sewer back up and it is the city's responsibility to respond. In an effort to provide good customer service and to protect the environment the Public Utilities department makes these calls a high priority suspending other planned maintenance

City homeowners typically think that the City is responsible for the entire sewer line from the house to the road. However, the City's responsibility only covers the city clean out to the main line. 

For questions about sewer lines during regular business hours please call 336-475-4210 or after hours please call 336-475-4247

The City of Thomasville maintains the wastewater from your house by use of a clean-out in your yard. Most newer construction homes should have a clean out near your house and also the City will have one near the water meter box on the City right of way. If you have a sewer back up, it is important to know who is responsible for what. The homeowner is responsible for anything from your house to the City clean out. The City is responsible from the City clean out to the sewer main line. Some older houses may not have a clean out and one should be installed to prevent any delays on unstopping a sewer back up.