Field Operations Bureau


Field Operations Bureau

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The Field Operations Bureau performs the primary police function for the Department, including preventive patrol, enforcement of criminal law, traffic enforcement and investigation, response to calls for service, and criminal investigations. The Field Operations Bureau is commanded by a Captain who directly supervises two District Commanders and the Traffic Safety Supervisor. A Patrol Sergeant commands each patrol team which consists of a Patrol Corporal, Patrol Officers and a K9 Team.  Each Patrol Officer is assigned to a district/area of personal responsibility within the city. If you have any questions regarding the Field Operations Bureau, please contact Captain Jason Annas at 336-475-4264.

K9 Unit
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The K9 Unit is responsible for providing support for the Field Operations Bureau and the Investigative Services Bureau.  The K9 Unit consists of five Officer/K9 teams, which are trained in narcotics detection, tracking and criminal apprehension.  The K9 teams also conduct public demonstrations for different groups throughout the Thomasville area.  If you would like to schedule a public demonstration please contact Lieutenant J. W. Barber at 336-475-4266.

Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) consists of two teams that provide support to the patrol function. TSU is responsible for selective traffic enforcement activities and programs designed to reduce accident-causing violations, the investigation of school bus stop arm violations, addressing citizens' traffic complaints, and staffing the highway speed enforcement program. Team members are also responsible for the investigation and reconstruction of serious injury and fatal crashes. The unit supports the Governor's Highway Safety Program by participating in countywide checking stations that are directed at DWI suppression and seat belt use enforcement. The unit has a traffic safety education program that conducts a variety of programs tailored to the specific audience. Traffic Safety Officers are primarily responsible for the enforcement of motor vehicle laws authorized by city ordinances and North Carolina State Statutes. They are responsible for monitoring traffic conditions on all major arteries and highways within the city limits of Thomasville; control and direction of traffic during special events; enforcement of traffic laws in and around school zones; planned traffic safety events such as Booze It and Lose It, Click It or Ticket It, and Operation Stop-Arm.  For questions or concerns regarding traffic safety in your area, contact Sgt. Tony Burgess at 336-475-4205.

Reserve Officers

The Reserve Officers supplement patrol, tactical and investigative functions with trained, volunteer manpower. Reserves represent many civilian occupations. Each Reserve Officer must work a minimum of twelve hours per month in an operational police assignment to maintain membership. They provide valuable assistance at major city events and supplement call-answering officers within the Field Operations Bureau.