Office of the Chief


Office of the Chief

carter picThe Office of the Chief includes the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, Bureau Commanders, Professional Standards Unit, Training Coordinator and Administrative Support Assistant. The Office of the Chief is responsible for the overall direction and administration of the agency.

The Chief of Police directs and is responsible for the control of all police department operations in accordance with ordinances, policies and regulations established by the City of Thomasville and the City Manager. The Chief of Police reports to the City Manager. The Chief of Police exercises direct supervision over the Assistant Chief of Police, two Bureau Commanders, the Administrative Assistant, the Research, the Professional Standards Division and the Personnel/Training Coordinator.

Police Chief Dustin Carter

Administrative Assistant


The Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support to the Office of the Chief. This includes a wide variety of complex administrative and secretarial duties and includes functions which support the department's mission. The position is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and facilitating executive level meetings and conferences. This includes maintaining a calendar of appointments, and preparing written correspondence for the Office of the Chief, programs, and supplies for executive level meetings. The Administrative Assistant serves as the direct liaison with other departmental and organizational personnel. The position assists with a wide variety of departmental operations and performs special projects and assignments as requested.

Sonja Crumbley

Assistant Chief of Police (Vacant)

The Assistant carter picChief of Police directs, manages, supervises, and coordinates the activities and operations of an assigned Division within the Police Department; serves as second in command to the Chief of Police; oversees the day-to-day operations of the Police Department; coordinates assigned activities with other divisions, departments, and outside agencies; and provides highly responsible and complex administrative support to the Chief of Police.


Bureau Commanders

 A Bureau Commander has authority over all organizational components of the Bureau commanded, and officers and employees therein, and over all matters of administration, policy, operations, and discipline within the Bureau. If, in the absence of the Chief and Major the Bureau Commander is serving as Acting Chief, his authority shall extend so that he functions as the official representative of the Chief and any commands based upon such authority are to be obeyed throughout the Department.

saintsing pic
The Investigative Services Bureau provides primary support functions for the Department, including the Criminal Investigations
Division, Special Operations (Vice &Narcotics) Unit, Community Liaison/Crime Prevention, Property and Evidence Control. The Investigative Services Division is commanded by a Captain who directly supervises the Criminal Investigations and Special Operations Lieutenants, Records Manager, Property Technician and Public Information Officer.

Captain Brad Saintsing

Investigative Services Commander

annas pic
The Field Operations Bureau performs the primary police function for the Department, including preventive patrol, enforcement of criminal law, traffic enforcement and investigation, response to calls for service, and criminal investigations. The Field Operations Bureau is commanded by a Captain who directly supervises two District Commanders and the Traffic Safety Supervisor. A Patrol Sergeant commands each patrol team which consists of a Patrol Corporal, Patrol Officers and a K9 Team.  Each Patrol Officer is assigned to a district/area of personal responsibility within the city.

Captain Jason Annas

Field Operations Commander

Professional Standards                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

This unit performs investigations of an administrative nature within the departmental framework. It provides internal control to aid the department in establishing and maintaining community trust. The Professional Standards Unit investigates complaints against police personnel and conducts other administrative investigations at the direction of the Chief of Police. They carry out policies which ensure that citizen complaints are thoroughly investigated while treating department personnel consistently and fairly. Factual information derived from their investigations is provided to an accused employee's chain of command for adjudication and the final results of such investigations are reported to the Chief of Police.

Lt. Wesley Barber

Personnel/Training and Special Projects Coordinator

The personnel/training coordinator works closely with command personnel coordinating and implementing the Thomasville Police Department training mandate.  The personnel/training coordinator evaluates each department member's assignment, together with supervisory recommendations in order to schedule relevant training that aligns with the career development program along with evaluating and scheduling yearly in-service training. The personnel/training coordinator is also responsible for recruitment, hiring and training of newly hired officers as well as handling the department's special projects. 

Lt. John Elgin