Application for Rezoning


Prepared by:
The Department of Planning
City of Thomasville, NC

To facilitate those individuals initiating a petition for rezoning to the City Council through the Board of Planning & Adjustment the following information is presented.

The initiation of an application for rezoning is made by petition to the City Council through the Board of Planning and Adjustment.  The petition is submitted to the department of Planning no later than the first day of the month in which the petition needs to be heard at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Planning & Adjustment.   The Board meets the last Tuesday of each month at 5:30 P.M. in the Thomasville City Council Chambers, 7 West Guilford Street (unless otherwise noted).

The specific requirements of a petition are:

  1. That the petition be filed on forms furnished by the Department of Planning.
  2. That the petition be accompanied by a filing fee of $500.00 (checks made payable to the City of Thomasville).
  3. That the petition states the date submitted and zoning district requested.
  4. That the petition includes a survey map and written legal description of the area for which rezoning is being sought. The map must show the classification of the property for which the change is sought as well as the classification of all properties within one-hundred (100) feet of any boundary line of the requested property.  
  5. The names of all owners of property within one-hundred (100) feet and their current mailing address, as shown on the current year’s tax records for Davidson County, must be provided. 

(All the information above must be submitted along with your application, before we can accept your request for rezoning.)

After the submission of a petition including all of the above requirements, an application for rezoning is placed upon the agenda for consideration at a public hearing by the Board of Planning & Adjustment.  Favorable recommendations or appeals from the Board of Planning & Adjustment are then submitted to the City Clerk and placed upon the agenda for a public hearing at the next designated City Council meeting.  Notice is placed in the newspaper once each week for two successive weeks prior to a public hearing.  Notice will also be made by posting the property.

Before taking such lawful action as it may deem advisable, the City Council shall consider the recommendations of the Board of Planning and Adjustment on each proposed zoning map amendment.  The City Council may, before rejecting a recommendation of the Board of Planning and Adjustment regarding a request for amendment to the zoning map, discuss the recommendation at a joint meeting with the Board of Planning and Adjustment.

An application approved by the City Council for rezoning of an area and all affected permits for the area become effective immediately after City council adoption of an ordinance amending the Official Zoning Map.

Chuck George
Zoning Administrator
City of Thomasville
P. O. Box 368
Thomasville, NC 27361
(336) 475-4255