Fire Hydrant Testing & Flushing


The City of Thomasville will be testing and flushing hydrants throughout the city during the months of October and November 2023.

Flushing rids the water of mineral sediment, facilitates regular maintenance and ensures the hydrants are in a high state of serviceability in the event of an emergency. During flushing the hydrants are tested as well. Periodic testing of fire hydrants is required to maintain the fire departments protection rating and is necessary to ensure that the hydrants have adequate flow and pressure for firefighting. 

Residents are encouraged to check for possible water discoloration prior to use. If water is discolored, it can usually be remedied by running a cold water tap for 4-5 minutes or until the water clears. Postponing laundry until water is clear (usually no more than one day) is recommended. If the water continues to be discolored after running your faucet, contact Thomasville City Hall at 336-475-4210 between 8am and 5pm and the Thomasville Water Plant 336-475-4247 after normal business hours. 

Hydrant Testing and Flushing FAQs

Q: Why does the water system need to be routinely flushed?
A: The city’s water distribution system is a complex network of pipes and storage reservoirs
where sediment or deposits may naturally accumulate over time. If not removed, these materials
may cause water quality deterioration, taste and odor problems, or discoloration of the water.
Water may also stagnate in lesser used parts of the distribution system. This can result in
degraded water quality?

Q. When does flushing normal occur?
A. Normally, flushing takes place for approximately a two month period during the fall. In
an effort to cause fewer disturbances to our customers, crews from the Fire Stations flush the lines
between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Q. Is the Fire Department the only ones that flush the lines?
A. No, Fire Departments are required to flush hydrants when they are testing hydrants to make
sure adequate flow and pressure is available. The City Utilities may need to flush a hydrant
after it repaired. Thomasville Utilities uses the hydrants whenever they need to perform repairs on the
water lines.

Q. What should I do when I see Fire crews flushing hydrants in my area?
A. If you see a Fire crew flushing hydrants, PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY.